How to Report Player in Battlefield 1 (Ban / Kick)

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It’s pretty quite hard on reporting players in Battlefield 1, because there are no in-game layer in the game where you can report potential cheater or offensive player either kicked or banned them. If you think this player breaks the EA¬†rules¬†that falls in the following criteria¬†cheating, child solicitation, harassment, offensive content, spam, suicide threat, terrorist threat,¬†client hack, inappropriate use of names or offensive battlefield emblems, you have a high chance of getting this people totally banned from EA. There are¬†actually a lot of¬†ways on reporting potential cheater¬†in Battlefield 1 and you can do that on Origin Client by searching their user¬†names and reporting it from their Origin profile. You can check our step by step instruction below on how to report¬†offensive players.


How to Report Player in Battlefield 1 via Chat Window

  1. Open your Origin Client.
  2. Open or Expand Chat Window.
  3. Now in Search for friends, type the player that you want to report.
  4. It will show a result saying Username is not on your friends list, you can search for username on Origin and add them as a friend. Click the Search for a Friend button.
  5. A Search for friends window will pop, type again the username of the player that you want to report.
  6. Click the View Profile button.
  7. On the Top right corner of its profile, click the tiny arrow and Click Report user.
  8. Now fill up the Report user form, make sure to fully explain all details or better attached a YouTube video link that shows the offensive content of the player.
  9. After that click Submit when you’re done.

* UPDATE : You can actually open Search for Friends window easily¬†on Origin’s top¬†toolbar by just¬†clicking Friends > Add a Friend..

Make sure to only report players that falls only in¬†EA’s criteria and avoid doing false reporting, do you find this article useful? Please leave a comment below.

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