How to Claim Extracted Loot From Dark Zone in The Division

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In the game Tom Clancy’s The Division, the Dark Zone is the place where you can loot a high value items such as weapons, clothing, gear and upgrades. Inside the Dark Zone, when you die all your loots will be dropped and you have to get it again in order for you to recover it, then you also have to extract all your loot item to extraction point for you to keep all your looted goods. If you successfully extracted all your loots in the extraction point – your item are now safe and you can claim these item later when you’re outside the Dark Zone.

If you’re a newbie like me you probably clueless where you can claim those Dark Zone loots. These Loots will not automatically appear in your inventory bag, instead it will appear in your stash inventory, so you have to claim it first before using it.

What you only need to do, in order to get these loot is you have to find any Safe Zone, then go to Stash inside.


Once you open the stash, just go to Extracted tab or press E – and here you will find all your loot from the Dark Zone. Just select the item that you’d like and press F to send to your Inventory.


What are the best loots or experience did you get from the Dark Zone? Please let us know and share your experience down below.

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