Facebook Gameroom Official Video Trailer

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Wow! Facebook officially launched its Promotional video for their Facebook Gameroom app and its amazing! Featuring some of their popular games – users playing in Facebook Gameroom enters in to the world of games and evolve in 3d game characters where they can select different genre of games from Action, Strategy, Role Playing, Sports or to Board Games.

Facebook Gameroom is the new game platform of Facebook for Windows users – similar on Steam, Origin and uPlay. The difference of Facebook Gameroom to the other platform is most of their games are web based games. It’s like a one stop shop for your favorite facebook games where you don’t need to open your web browser in order to play those games, just open Facebook Gameroom and all are in place. You also have option to install games to your computer for quick game and it utilize graphic card for gaming.

Explore New Games, Discover a better Place to Play and Enter a new destination. That’s how Facebook Gameroom different from other game platform. You can download Facebook Gameroom for FREE for your Windows 7, 8 or 10 on their official page at https://facebook.com/gameroom.

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