Where to Play Original Scary Prank Maze Game

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Are you familiar with this prank video game? It was too popular way back then where most internet kids are using this game with their friends who has no idea about it. This scary prank games was also become a viral on numerous prank videos on YouTube with different celebrities and content creators pranking their innocent friends to try it.

The Scary Maze Prank game was first released in the year 2006 and was developed by Jeremy Winterrowd for his website (http://www.winterrowd.com/). The flash game easy spread across the internet and different websites pick up the game and actually created their own version, but still the most popular one was from the original creator which he eventually releases a version 1.1 which most prankster used back in days.

The game will requires player to guide the little blue dot reaches the goal (rectangular red block), every time the player touches the wall, its game over. There are 3 levels that the player has to test their skill, but at the last level 3 (the most difficult among all level) requires little precision to pass through the narrow path. The player (victim) didn’t know is a scary face and a loud sound will play when it reaches the narrow path.

In order for this prank to be successful, players had to turn on the volume and wait for the victims reaction.

Where to play this game? There are HTML 5 version in the internet but it was not based on the original flash source and it has some problems, the sounds are delay making it unsurprising for their victim. You can directly go to our converted original flash version to HTML. You can play it at https://gamingph.com/scaryprankgame/.

Also don’t be stupid to play this game to person with a heart problem..

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