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Where to Play Original Scary Prank Maze Game

Where to Play Original Scary Prank Maze Game

You probably see scary prank video game uploaded on YouTube freaking out their friend from playing a maze game then suddenly an exorcist creatures comes out on screen. The most popular and original game is the Scary Maze Game develop by Jeremy of, where you have to guide the little black dot to reach the red square on the middle of the maze without hitting the wall. There will be 3 levels to test the skills of your victim, the stage 1 is the easiest one anyone can pass through on it, stage 2 is a little bit difficult and could make several tries, the last stage 3 is the most difficult especially in the middle where you need to pass through the narrow you have to carefully hold the mouse to reach the red mark, note this level is where the surprise comes.

Where to play this game? You can directly go to our mirror file ( and play it in fullscreen. You also have to turn on the sounds in full volume to enjoy the prank.

Or in our embed game below:

Also don’t be stupid to play this game to person with a heart problem..

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