We Accept Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery in the Philippines

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Are you looking for Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Center in the Philippines? Well, we at GamingPH are accepting data recovery for dying hard disk drive with bad sectors for Philippine customer only. Some in-lab data recovery charge you very high from $500 (PHP 25,000) up to $3000 (PHP 150,000) depending on the level of the damage of your hard drive, here on GamingPH Data Recovery Center we charge data recovery for a very cheap price and you are only charge when we recover your files.


Having your data lost because of sudden Hard Drive failure is the most emotional moments in your life, especially those files in your hard drive that has sentimental value for you like photo of your wedding, video of your kids and important files for your job.

Drive We Accept for Data Recovery?

We accept almost any brand of hard drive from Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba or more..

How do we Recover Your Data?

When your hard drive arrived on our warehouse, we will check the files structure of your hard drive and email you the list of what files and folder do you want to recover. After that an estimate cost will be send to you and when you agree we will start recovering your files. Your files will be save in a new USB or Hard Drive and ship to you together with the original hard drive.

Estimate Cost for Data Recovery?

Our estimate cost starts from PHP 1,500 depending on the problem of your hard drive and data to recover.

How many days it takes to Recover your Data?

Data recovery is not an easy task, it will take 1 to 3 weeks for recovering your files. In some cases like if you have one single important files that you really need, we can try recovering the files and send it through email.

What Files do we Recover?

Any files from Photos, Video, Documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint),¬†Program Installer¬†and More…

Where Are we Located?

We are located in General Santos City, Philippines.

How to Send My Hard Drive for Data Recovery?

Just Email us first at datarecovery@gamingph.com and tell us what are the problems in your hard drive. After that we will send additional question and send our shipping address.


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