Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming to Nintendo Switch

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A new version of Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming to the new console of Nintendo the Nintendo Switch.


Based on Eurogamer, The Nintendo Switch will be having a version of Pokemon Sun and Moon from Nintendo 3DS and it will be named Pokemon Star for Nintendo Switch.

The Pokemon Star is planned to released on the summer or late 2017, the game will have the same game assets like pokemons, maps, journey and art style from the Nintendo 3DS’s version Pokemon Sun and Moon. Just the same what they did on the other pokemon series like Crystal and Yellow which shared common assets on Gold/Silver and Red/Blue.

Game Developers probably developed games alongside with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, but ofcourse there will be lot of new features for the new console and it will be the first pokemon game that you can play on a home console.

For now, since Nintendo Switch is yet to come, you can now play Pokemon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS, which is out Worldwide.


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