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Playstation 4 Pro Teardown (CXD90044GB)

Playstation 4 Pro Teardown (CXD90044GB)

Curious what’s inside the Playstation 4 Pro? See it laid on this video plus a satisfying feeling of tearing down each components of the new Playstation 4 System. The video is fun to watch as you watch how this guy from VirtualFutureTV unscrew each metal layer of the PS4 system and see how Sony engineered the thermal technology lies beneath the PS4 system.

You can watch the full tear down of the PS4 Pro uploaded by VirtualFutureTV. You can also watch lots of teardown video from his YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe and like his video.

[arve url=”” thumbnail=”2194″ title=”PS4 PRO TEARDOWN & DISASSEMBLY NEW MODEL! ” description=”Let’s take a look inside newest PS4 PRO model 🙂 Details: PS4 PRO 1TB CUH-7016B Motherboard: NVA-001 with new APU CXD90044GB HDD: HGST 5k1000-1000 1TB 5400rpm Sata 6.0GB/s PSU: ADP-300CR (+4.8V~1.5A and +12V~23.5A)” upload_date=”2016-11-11T14:55:25+00:00″]

The APU of Playstation 4 Pro has a model number of CXD90044GB.

You can now also order your own Playstation 4 Pro at ebay for only $399.99 (Sony Playstation 4 Pro – 1TB + $20 PSN Card).

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