Opening 28 Battlepacks in Battlefield 1

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Are you curious what are the chances of getting good battlefield 1 weapon skins? Well a YouTuber Westie uploaded a video opening 28 battlepacks, see how good the skins he gets..

The rate of getting good weapon skins in battlepacks are low, you sometimes gets a duplicate of it. On Westie case, he gets 1 duplicate out of 28 battlepacks. While the enhanced battlepack give more higher rate of getting rare skins. The redeeming of battlepack is done randomly and sometimes it drops additional EXP Boost or a piece of puzzle.

Also you can now buy battlepacks with real money, but of course you will pay a lot in order to get rare skins. And still getting battlepacks for FREE are still better. 

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What’s the best weapon skins you get in Battlefield 1 so far? Leave comment below!

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