How to Change Weapon Skin in Battlefield 1

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If you’re new on Battlefield 1, you might be clueless how to change the skins of your weapon. Even I myself cannot figure out how to change the skin after getting free skins on Battlepacks. The only way to change the skin of your weapon in Battlefield 1 is through the In-Game loadouts, where you can find this loadouts? You can find this before the battle starts or after being killed.


To change the weapon skin, when in-game loadouts click the Settings icon of your weapons. Then there are 5 options on the left side of the screen Optics, Magnification, Barrel, Recoil Direction and Pattern. Click the pattern and select the pattern you want, usually the default is selected and you can change to free camouflage pattern.

How to get Battlefield 1 weapon skins? You can get skins for free on battlepacks. Battlepack can be get for FREE after the rounds ends, random player will be selected to received battlepacks. Open the battlepacks to received the skins, skins are also randomly selected so you have to get many battlepacks in order to get the skins for your desired weapon.

What’s the best Skins you get in Battlefield 1? Let us know by commenting below!

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