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How to Back Up / Restore Battlefield 1 and Origin Games

How to Back Up / Restore Battlefield 1 and Origin Games

Origin has a new version of its game client, there are lot of changes in terms of design and settings. But backing up games are still the same with the old version. This tutorial works on any game of Origins, we will sample you how to back up and restore Battlefield 1 installation files.


First Thing is, you have to back up the Origin Directory of your games to a safe folder (ex. D:\Origin Games).

How to Back Up / Restore Origin Games:

  1. On your back up Origin Games, put a _X on the last name of its folder. (ex. D:\Origin Games_X).
  2. Now open your Origin Client, then go to Origin > Application Settings
  3. On Application Settings, Click Installs & Saves
  4. Change the Game library location to the same folder where your Origin Games Backup is, without _X. (ex. D:\Origin Games)
  5. Then, go to your Origin Game Library. Click the game that you want to restore, on our example right click Battlefield 1 and press Download.
  6. When the download starts, press the pause button to stop downloading.
  7. Now go to your Back Up folder (D:\Origin Games_X), then copy Battlefield 1 then paste and replace it to (D:\Origin Games).
  8. Once its done, go back to Origin Client then resume the download of the Battlefield 1. Just wait a few seconds and it will start installing Battlefield 1 from your backup files.
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