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Looking for FPS Games to play in Facebook Gameroom? Currently there are only 4 First person shooter available on Facebook Gameroom, see our listing below.

Critical Ops C-OPS Alpha

With 4.6 rating and 500,000 players in the game, this is the best multiplayer FPS game on Facebook Gameroom, everytime you play each round it is assured that there are enough player you can play with. You can choose to be a Counter-Terrorist to defuse the bomb and eliminate all terrorist or You can be a Terrorist to plant a bomb and end the round. There are several weapons you can choose from basic pistol, to rifle, machine gun and snipers. They also have a skin mod features where you can change the skin of your weapon.


Similar with Critical Ops but with different graphics and gameplay. Currently, it has 4.5 star rating and 100,000 players downloaded the game. Here you can play in an atmospheric classic team fights, you can participate in each game as Terrorist or SWAT team combats. You can also choose to play as a mutant enemies contaminated with a mysterious virus and beat other players.

Blood Strike Latino

With 4.4 star rating and 50,000 download, you can try playing this game with a unique gameplay. Play as Black List or Global Risk and fight each forces in Blood Strike, you can choose your favorite character in the game and proceed with a mission.

Special Strike: DLC 3


The last but not the least, Special Strike – DLC 3, with 4.3 star rating and 10,000 players in the game. The game assets are similar with Counter strike and a unique minecraft inspired map. Although this game has not enough player to play with. Please give it a try and play.

You can download Facebook Gameroom at facebook.com/gameroom.

Have found other FPS games on Facebook Gameroom? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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