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Buy Samsung 960 PRO / EVO M.2 SSD on eBay

Buy Samsung 960 PRO / EVO M.2 SSD on eBay

The latest M.2 or PCIe based SSD of Samsung, the Samsung 960 M.2 EVO and PRO SSD will be officially available on November 15, 2016 to the retailers and distributors. These new SSD has 6 times more speed than the SATA based SSD, it has a speed of 3200MB/s for read and 2100MB/s for write. If you try to find deals on ebay for this SSD, right now most listing are 30% more expensive than the original price, I saw some listing on ebay for the Samsung 960 PRO  M.2 512GB SSD surprisingly it cost around $465.29 instead of the original price $249.99.


We save some listing where you can buy these SSD on ebay, see our listing below:

Alternatively, you can also consider buying the predecessor 950 M.2 series which price is now lowered, these PCIe based SSD are also faster:

If you find other best deal for this SSD, please leave a link below.

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