Battlefield 1 Players Spent 59 Million Hours of Gameplay

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Its over a week now since the Battlefield 1 had released in the public, with the great success of battlefield 1 launching a lot of players played the game over the week and keeps growing. EA showed us the infograph stats of how battlefield 1 is doing. Players around the world already spent 59 million hours of gameplay on both single player campaign and multiplayer, there were also 9 million hours spent in operations or multiplayer. And 32 million battlepacks already redeemed by the players and 1.6 million behemoths already deployed in the game.

The stats also shows how most player kills the horses, the best trooper to kill them is flame throopers, anti-vehicle and sentries. There were 123,084 horses already killed in the battlefield 1.

The most vehicle type use on Battlefield 1 is the horse with players using them 5,813,817 times, next is the tanks with 5,511,601, then the ground vehicle with 1,667,353 and lastly the planes at 330,477.

See the full infograph below from EA.


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