Unboxing Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition

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The Battlefield 1 Collectors edition comes with an super detailed 14″ inch statue which you can also turn the red light for display, a deck of playing card featuring the characters in Battlefield 1 single player campaign, a steelbooks, patch, messenger pigeon tube with a redeemable dlc code and a propaganda poster. A Youtube star nerdphillia uploaded her very first unboxing video of Battlefield 1 DICE Collector’s Edition.

See her video below and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel.

There are other three version of Collector’s Edition, first is the Battlefield 1 Early Enlisted Deluxe Edition that comes with the Battlefield 1 base game and one with no base game just the 14 statue.

You can get the Collector’s Edition for $220 on Amazon for USA customer only and other retailers around the world.

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  • Andrew Tallon October 19, 2016 9:22 am

    Hi love the unboxing cool stuff also the girl is so pretty and sexy


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