Samsung 960 EVO/PRO M.2 SSD Benchmark

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We finally got a benchmark information for Samsung 960 M.2 NVMe SSD from guru3d, from their benchmark they reach the top speed of 3500mb/s for read and 2100mb/s for write. The new M.2 Model of SSD uses the NVMe Protocol or the PCI-Express slot to have a faster speed on write/write compare to SATA’s port. New motherboard has M.2 ready, while to those who has no M.2 slot on their motherboard there are available M.2 Expansion card where you can plug it on your PCI-Express.

Go back to the benchmark, below are the chart for write/speed of this new SSD’s.

Only slightly difference from 960 EVO 1tb and 960 PRO 1tb model in terms of speed, If you haven’t yet have a M.2 SSD – we recommend you the 960 EVO 1TB in terms of speed and the price.

These SSD is not yet available on retailers but available for pre-order on samsung website, you can check our recent post on how to order the SSD (

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