Radeon Pro 450, 455 and 460 GPU on MacBook Pro 2016

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The new MacBook Pro is equipped with the latest quad core Intel i7 processor and a GPU of AMD Radeon Pro 450, 455 and 460 with their latest Polaris architecture and up to 2GB of memory, RAM of 16GB and the new PCIe-based SSD from 512GB up to 2TB. The performance of the new MacBook Pro in its GPU for 3d application is now 130% faster, for playing video games is now 60% more faster and if you’re editing Video films on Final Cut Pro X is now 57% more faster than its predecessor. The new GPU has a peak perfomance of 1 teraflop for 450, 1.3 teraflops for 455 and 1.86 teraflops for 460.

The Radeon Pro GPU’s has a memory bandwidth of 80GB/s, featuring the new Polaris architecture from AMD with 4th generation Graphics Core Next, thinnest GPU, it has 3 billion (3,000,000,000) transistors, supports HDMI 2.0 via USB Type-C port and has power consumption of 35W. With these feature it will be very useful for content creator, media editing and various application programming.

The OLED Touch bar in the new MacBook Pro is the most important features for its Macbook line up where it features always on notifications and Touch ID finger print scanner, it has 2 variant of 13-inch and 15 inch.

You can order the latest MacBook Pro now on Apple Store that are available on Silver and Space Grey Colors.

  • Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 @2.6GHz with Radeon Pro 450 at $2,399
  • Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 @2.7GHz with Radeon Pro 455 and 512GB SSD at $2,799.
  • Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 @2.9GHz with Radeon Pro 460 and 2TB SSD at $4,299

Although with the latest update in performance, the latest MacBook Pro still cannot play Battlefield 1, this laptop is not build for gaming it will struggle on getting acceptable frame rate. If you want a portable laptop that plays intense gaming go for the new Razer Blade Pro instead.

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