New Battlefield 1 Exclusive Footage Shows New Weapons and Classes

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Exclusive Gameplay for the latest updates for Battlefield 1 is already started and one of the lucky exclusive player are Westie where he cover everything new on the updates.

Westie shows on the gameplay the entirely new Battlefield 1 multiplayer gameplay it shows lots of new maps, weapons and modes. On his gameplay he plays the support class and carrying the new weapon BAR M1918. The BAR has small magazine and only up to 20 rounds per magazine, but the advantage of using this weapon is it has more accuracy.

Also on the gameplay you may also notice that the weapon is skinned with gold pattern similar to Battlefield 4 skin system where this didn’t show on the Beta or Alpha. Well here it’s finally back maybe its unlockable or they will put a micro-store on it.

There is also a new mode the Operations mode, where it will pick different maps as you finish each rounds. For the first round it takes place in Kaiserschlacht a Western Front place, it also feature a new deserted map different from the BETA.

There will be also lot of changes in to the character classes in Battlefield 1. One of these changes are the support class can now carry Limpet Mine, a sticky bomb that you can place any where you want and detonates it anytime. The support class can now also carry a repair tool, while on BETA you can only carry Med kit. The support class can now also use Mortar weapon, but can no longer use trip mines, Mortar weapon is transferred to Scout class instead. The UI of the game also changed since the BETA with cleaner and more easy to navigate version.

See more footage of the Battlefield 1 Exclusive Footage from Westie Youtube Channel.

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