Intel Core i3 7300 @ 4.0GHz Kaby Lake

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A new leak for the most awaited Intel’s new processor Kaby Lake has emerge on the internet. The taken picture is¬†from a¬†physical processor of¬†Intel Core i5 7600 SR2Z4 @ 3.8GHZ Kaby Lake and a screenshot of a specs of another processor Intel Core i3 7300 that is running on¬†blazingly fast 4.0GHz.. The new architect of Kaby Lake features higher clock speed per heat efficiency, while still using the same 14nm model and on LGA1151 socket.

Below the screenshot of the physical Kaby Lake i5 Processor.


Then below a screenshot from CPU-Z running an i3 7300 at 4.0GHz


The leak photo looks legit, it may come from a Chinese manufacturing facilities and posted on social media.

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