How to Fixed GTA V Keeps Freezing Every Seconds in Game

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It’s been a while since I played Grand Theft Auto V, but unfortunately the game keeps freezing on the loading screen and in game – the game play for a seconds then pause again for a seconds. I tried checking Task Manager to look for a high usage program and even thought this must be a problem with Windows 10 or in my hardware – but it seems everything is normal. I found an answer in Reddit from a user and the culprit is the Razer Synapse. See our full instruction below how to fixed it.

How to fixed Grand Theft Auto V Freezing Problem:
1. Go to Task Manager (ALT + CTRL + DEL)
2. Then look for a program RazerSurround VAD Streaming Service and Razer Synapse.
3. Right Click and End Task both this program and you are good to go.

I still have no idea why the razer program is conflicting with the Grand Theft Auto V, we will try to reach Razer for solution so that they can fixed this error. If you still experiencing this problem or have alternative solution, pleave a comment below.

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