How to Extract MP3 Audio From MKVToolNix

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MKVToolNix is a tool to merge mp4 videos to mkv format, edit video tracks like subtitle and different audio dubbed. You can download this program at But this tool can be used to extract all tracks from the video and one of that are the Audio files. See steps below:

To Extract Audio files from MKV.

  1. Open Command Prompt CMD
  2. Now go to MKVToolNix installation directories
    cd C:
    cd "Program files\MKVToolNix"
  3. Then, We have to identify which Track ID number is the mp3 audio located. (Optional) you can open the mkvtoolnix gui to see the Track ID of the audio.
    mkvmerge --identify-verbose "C:\Downloads\YOUR_AUDIO_FILE.mkv"
    On the output Check the track with audio (MP3), on our example its Track ID 1
  4. Then we can now extract the mp3 from our mkv files, type the following codes.
    mkvextract tracks "C:\Downloads\YOUR_AUDIO_FILE.mkv" 1:"YOUR_OUTPUT_DIRECTORIES.mp3"
  5. Done!
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