Beyond Good and Evil is FREE on UPLAY (UBI30)

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For this months UBI 30 free game is Beyond Good and Evil a 3rd person action game, if you’re fan of Lara croft’s game you should love this game. The game receives multiple awards like best game adventure and best story, it was released in 2003 and created by the studio’s behind Rayman’s series.


About the game:

Beyond Good and Evil is a unique game in Ubisoft history: created by Michel Ancel, this game is the most beloved game of our communities! Released in 2003, this game was a creative bet that took all trends in reverse: the hero was a young girl with skills and wits, Jade, that was very different from women character in video games at that time. The game had a unique style mixing Japanese and traditional cartoon. It remains a unique experience with lovable characters, a brilliant storytelling and a gameplay mixing driving, fighting, collaborating, photographing… Dive into the world of Beyond Good and Evil. This game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch only.

The game filesize is 1.83GB.

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