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Facebook Gameroom is a game client version of Facebook, where you can download facebook games and install it straight to your PC. Unlike the browser version you have to redownload the game everytime you played it, on gameroom download once and ready to play. You can also play some of the game offline without the need of internet. * UPDATES We confirmed that Facebook gameroom are still using cache but longer than the browser.

If you haven’t download Facebook Gameroom yet, you can download it right here

You also must try these best game from Facebook Gameroom, here is GamingPH Top Games list:

Critical Ops (ALPHA)

Like playing First Person Shooter game? like Counter-Strike this game is the most popular online FPS game with lots of players you can play with, there are 2 teams the Terrorist and the Counter-Terrorist with 2 types of game, Demolition and Death match. The game visual is very smooth and well design, also the audios. There is also a short tutorial to get you started, before playing the multiplayer game. They also have weapon skin, where you can customize your weapon and bragged it with your team or enemies!


Tetris Battle

You probably play this game on Facebook before, Tetris Battle a game of tiles where you have to clear a horizontal lines to earn scores, you can also change your tiles with different designs, upgrade speed and an option to used boost before the battle. It is also a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends and able to see each other levels.


ZBlitz (Zombie Blitz)

Zombie Zombie, a classic arcade FPS game where you just have to control the mouse and shoot the zombie. Play and complete levels to upgrade’s your weapons and abilities.. There are also in-game purchase for weapons and stuff.


That’s 3 games for now, we will update this post for more awesome games in Facebook gameroom.

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