Valve is Changing How Steam Reviews Appear on Steam

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Steam or Valve is on the move on tweaking Steam Reviews after an alleged some developer are abusing the system. Many gamers reacted on the changes both positive and negative.


The new changes includes user who purchased directly on the steam will only be counted as review and those game activated via key will not be counted.

Valve says

An analysis of games across Steam shows that at least 160 titles have a substantially greater percentage of positive reviews by users that activated the product with a cd key, compared to customers that purchased the game directly on Steam.

But in many cases, the abuse is clear and obvious, such as duplicated and/or generated reviews in large batches, or reviews from accounts linked to the developer. In those cases, we’ve now taken action by banning the false reviews and will be ending business relationships with developers that continue violating our rules.

Valve also acknowledge of some game reviews are legit, like early adopters, humble bundle and kickstarter backers, but the developers often abuse the system.


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