How to Get FREE Poke Balls in Pokemon Go

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There are 3 ways on getting Pokemon Balls on Pokemon Go, If you’re beginners you probably clueless where to get poke balls when you’re running out of stock, your first choice probably is buying it from Store at 100 Gold for 10 Poke balls, but there are much more easier way on getting FREE pokeballs. See Below.

How to Get FREE Poke Balls on Pokemon Go:

1. By Level Up. When your character get’s level up you will be getting FREE poke ball from drop as much as 10 to 20 poke balls depending on certain level.


2. By visiting PokeStops. This is the much easier way and FREE getting poke balls, by just vising pokestops you just need to spin the picture on the screen and you will getting drops from much as 1 to 10 pokeballs plus other item.

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