WordPress HTTP Error When Uploading Image After Updates 2016

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On the past few months, GamingPH.com wordpress admin has problem on uploading images on our site that gives us HTTP error every time we upload images. Upon investigating the problem we finally solved it by removing some lines on our HTACCESS. We don’t know where did this line came from, is it from our hosting Godaddy? or from WordPress Updates.

So, to fixed this problem just go to your FTP or File Manager and open .htaccess from the root directory of your website.

Delete the following lines that adds type to your image files.

Then, this one.

After deleting those lines, we didn’t encounter any HTTP error when uploading images. So far our website still runs smooth after deleting this.. make sure to back up your .htaccess before doing the instruction above..

If you have suggestion or reaction to this fixed, please leave a comment below!

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