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How to Back UP and Restore uPlay Games (2016 Updates)

How to Back UP and Restore uPlay Games (2016 Updates)

The uplay launcher updates simplify the backing and restoring of uplay games, compare to the older version of uplay client. All you have to do is just point to the backup folder of uplay games and its good to go.. See our step by step instruction below:


How to Back UP and Restore uPlay Games
1. Copy the Uplay Game Directory to a new directory.
2. (Let’s say you already done reformat and backing up your uplay Games) Open uPlay client.
3. Go to Settings, then go to Downloads.
4. Change the Directory of Game installater cacher location to your new directory.
5. Do the same on Default game installation location.
6. Now, to restore your games just simply press the Download button from your Games library then it will start discovering your game files and ready to play.

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