EMPIR_E – Watch Dogs 2 Easter Egg (EMPIRE)

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*UPDATES – We manage to simulate the count down with 5 (30) seconds left, check it at (https://gamingph.com/watchdogs2/)

Ubisoft just release its new teaser for Watch Dogs 2 and it’s just aiden (New Actor Marcus) tapping on his phone. But the interesting part is on the last clip of the teaser, the phone displayed EMPIR_E. Out of curiosity we tried searching this text on Google, but haven’t found any meaning from this text. It might be a new hacking code name in Watch Dogs 2.


Another interesting clip is random code shows at time 0:01.. We tried searching the comment block “Make sure we always allocate at least one indirect block pointer“, upon searching it lead us to a code from a Linux Kernel groups.c (Codes are here lxr.free-electrons.com/source/kernel/groups.c).. How is it related to Watch Dogs 2? We don’t know, maybe the artist for this teaser just copy and paste random code. Upon digging more to this code, we found a youtube video showing a program called Type Fast Like a Hacker.

A program that let you fake typing like a hacker and can select different code from kernel directories.. hmmm?


by the way, If you’re curious what is the text on the top notification of the mobile.. It’s “New Updates Available”.. and some pop CMD window shows a ascii logo of DEDSEC. This new teaser also make strong connection with the leak on the instagram account of thekingcort (Voice and the face of Marcus) posting “Had a blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series!”..


Updates! We dig the source code of the official watch dogs site and we found out the live container page its from ubisoft-live.brainsonic.com/index.html?lang=. We also see some ester egg function called konami(); or easter_egg.code(); so we tried activating this function through Developer console and this what happen!


We also check what will happen if the time ends.. by calling the function CountDownTimer(‘2016-06-08T11:00:00Z’, ‘countdown’); to end the time.. it says “EXPIRED!”.


And we also curious about the konami.js, judging from the code it looks like a mini-game.. see the code here ubisoft-live.brainsonic.com/parents/konami/konami.js. It looks like this konami-js is like an easter egg framework for websites (code.snaptortoise.com/konami-js/). See articles from Mashable (mashable.com/2010/07/31/konami-code-sites/)

Plus, see the Teaser of Watch Dogs 2 below!

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