How to fixed Yellow Tint on Asus VC239 IPS Monitor

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Asus VC239 or VC239H IPS has a low-blue light technology that lessen the amount of blue colors on your monitor that makes the display look tinted with yellow, yellowish or in warmer settings. But this new technology is quite a problem for designers and photographers, because the white background color you seeing is covered with yellow tint. In other case If you have multiple monitors, it will be inconsistent if some of your monitors is not using the low-blue light technology and look different.

So, We went changing the settings from Asus Menu, to Cool, but the display becomes Bluer and to Warm it become more Yellower. Also tried the Blue Light Filter and same issue So BLUE or So YELLOW (We even thought that I have defective monitor). See comparison below:


After tweaking the RGB settings, We finally achieve the non-tinted display and perfectly consistent with the other monitor.

To Fixed the Yellow Tinted Display on Asus VC239 IPS Monitor:

  1. Go to Settings, then browse to Color.
  2. Then go to Color Temp.
  3. Then Select User Mode.
  4. Now Set The R or Red to 85, then G or Green to 85 and keep the B or Blue as is to 100.

Done! If the settings above didn’t solve your problem or you have other good suggestion please add your comments below.

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