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Dying Light – Fix the Cables (VANITAS)

Dying Light – Fix the Cables (VANITAS)

This mission on Dying Light is quite tricky and we stuck for almost an hour solving this mission. If you really cannot solved this, here is the guide to complete the mission.


Fixed the Cables – Meaning you have to slowly tracked the Red Cables and find the 2 cut cables and reconnect them.

Restore the Power – You have to turn on the 2 switches in 1 Water Tank Tower and 1 Post.

First Cut Cables


You can find this first cut near the Tower, Fixed this cable and lets find the last cut.

Second Cut Cables



On the second cut, you can find this inside the house (see above photos) then find the cut near the door and fixed it.

Restore the Power


Once you’re done, you have to turn on the Power on the Post.


Lastly, turn on the power on the Water Tank Tower.

Now you just have to return back to Atilla to complete the mission. Hope this guides help you finish this tricky mission from Dying Light!

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