Over 20,000 CRYENGINE Assets for Only $13

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Want to build your own Game? Humble Bundle latest Game Bundle features CRYENGINE assets with over 20,000 files for only $13. Crytek took 3 years and cost millions of dollars to make these assets and now they can be all yours. Meaning, all of these assets are yours and can be use as many times as you’d like to any commercial project and completely royalty FREE! Check the bundle at humblebundle.com/cryengine-bundle

The 20,000 game assets includes Audio Kit, Animal Pack, City Environment and Weapon Pack. Plus a Survival, Racing and FPS Starter project that give you a jump to make your own game on some of the most popular genres.


The bundle comes with 3 tier, you can pay as low as $1 for the MoCap Paintball FPS Starter Project + 6 Game Assets, pay more than the average price (Currently $10.81) for Ryse Nature & Animal Pack, Crytek Formula Racing Starter Project, 5 Game Assets + the previous tier. And lastly pay $13 to get all Asset also includes Nexuiz Online Survival Starter Project, Ryse World Bulding Pack, Ryse Roman Pack + 3 Game Assets.

By purchasing this bundle you’ll be supporting Child’s Play Charity and Extra Life.

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