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If you didn’t know, YouTube is cracking down channels who is uploading Game Walkthroughs and similar that breaks copyright thing. We tried uploading our very first Game Walkthrough “Hitman” on Youtube,Ā but just after several hours it gets deleted for “Community Guidelines” complaints and inappropriate content, thinking there lots of channel on YouTube doing this Game Walkthrough, why those channel don’t get banned if my video are inapproriate? This complain might be someĀ Jealous Youtuber flagging down video, to remove theirĀ future competitors or just theĀ YouTube Bots itself.

We heard lots of horribleĀ news from YouTube channels and blogs, mostly some channel got banned, their videos get deleted and even channel with thousands of subscriber got banned too. They also say Youtube is dead. So, if you are starting a gaming channel on YouTube – you have to think twice before doing it specially if you’re make this thingĀ for living.

Here are the top alternative to upload your Walkthrough games without your video getting deleted.



DailyMotion is exactly similar with Youtube. you can upload 2GB video on the site without limitation, but the Frame rate allowed is below 30fps. They also have Monetization where you can earned money from views same as Youtube.



On Vimeo, you can upload HD videosĀ and 60fpsĀ frame rateĀ but yourĀ upload will beĀ limited to 500 MB per week and 25GB a year for FREE users.. But you can upgrade your account add more space. Unfortunately there are no monetization on Vimeo, which is great I think.


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