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Microsoft Launched its New XBOX ONE Wireless Controller Black

Microsoft just launched today November 17, 2016 the XBOX ONE Wireless Controller (Black) a game controller for XBOX ONE powered with Bluetooth which also works on Windows 10 PC and Tablets. The game controller is available now nationwide to game retailer for $59.99.

The new XBOX One Wireless Controller is equipped with Bluetooth which can be used on any Windows 10 based PC and Tablets using the Bluetooth 2.0 connection. It also has new thumbstick shape and grip texture enhancement for your aiming precision, an ultra-responsive Redesigned D-pad for directional movements, buttons are now bumpers for quicker gameplay and the controller grips can now fit a wider range of [...]

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XBOX One New Controller BLUE and PINK

A new XBOX One Controller color variant has been posted on Twitter by @MakiiArts. The new color are BLUE and Dawn Shadow pink and the price for BLUE controller is £49.99 and the Dark Pink controller is £54.99.

The Blue variant front are all covered with blue color including the select, start, left and right analog, directional pad and A,X,Y + B buttons, while its back and top are dark grey. For the Dark Pink controller it’s very similar with the gradient color Special Edition shadow controller of XBOX, but this time the top are colored Black and faded Pink.

We still don’t know what are the official name of the controller, but it should be similar with [...]

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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Added new 12 Maps

PopCap Vancouver just recently released an update that the upcoming Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will be having more features like Easter eggs, secrets, new gameplay mechanics and the new 12 maps.

The 12 maps comes with different themes like the winter wonderland, snowy Great White North Map, Zen Peak, Ancient Bones in the Boney Island and lots of more..

[iframe id=”” maxwidth=”900″]

You can see the sneak peak of the new map from PopCap games:

Plants Vs Zombies will be available on February 23, 2016 for PC Origin, Xbox One and PS4.


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Cloud Storage is XBOX ONE’s Advantage Over PlayStation 4?

It’s easy to think that with the many new features that Microsoft has integrated into its next-generation console Xbox One, an easy win for the company would be the next step against its biggest competition, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

However, following its big reveal last week, Microsoft has received more backlash than pats on the back, starting with the now suspicious always-on (meaning always listening, not always connected) Kinect 2.0, the scattered focus on games and entertainment, and the lack of perspective on the new rule for Indie game publishing.

It seems that the Xbox One has a lot to make up for in terms of games, and while Microsoft has already [...]