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Top 10 Video Games Then Vs Now

With today’s modern video games, new graphic cards can now support super realistic characters and visual gameplay that you can hardly tell if it’s real, that’s because of its capability to render millions of polygons in real time and produce stunning graphics. With the booming industry of gaming, lots of studios are also developing triple-A video games like Ubisoft, EA, Rockstar and more – some of it are new titles, and some are the new installment of the old game. Let’s take a look of some of the old games that we played before and how it looks like today. Most of these game are we played in 90’s in SNES or the first PlayStation 1.

Grand [...]

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HITMAN Released a New Mission – The Landslide Mission

Just last year HITMAN released 2 additional missions for the game, The Icon Mission and A House Build on Sand Mission, Today January 31, 2017 – IO-interactive revealed its 3rd mission in the game entitled the Landslide mission.

The mission will take Agent 47 to the Sapienza, where your task is to stop a wealthy businessman Marco Abiatti from becoming a mayor of the City. The mission will take place in an event organized by Marco. Checkout the trailer below.

You can now purchase this new DCL on Steam or if you already have a season pass you can download it right away.

HITMAN is also releasing a full season did version of the game. On this release they will [...]

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HITMAN – The Season Finale Game Trailer is Live

Watch the game trailer of season finale of the HITMAN, the last episode of HITMAN which is episode 6, features the Hokkaido, Japan making a thrilling conclusion of the first season of HITMAN.

You can now also download the Complete Season of HITMAN on PS4, PC and XBOX One.

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HITMAN Game in Real Life

Watch this awesome HITMAN video by RealmPictures, looks like the real game. See how people instructed 47 to complete the mission.