Corrections Policy

While we at GamingPH are doing our best to give our readers 100% accurate and perfectly-written articles, we may make mistakes from time to time due to a variety of reasons. Mistakes could be as minor as grammar or typo errors; to major corrections that changes the story of the article; or to more serious issues like third-party guidelines or copyright. GamingPH would like to be transparent with our readers and provide the proper avenues to address and rectify the errors and most importantly to notify them of the corrections and resolution.

For issues like typos, numerical, grammar and other errors that need minor changes, GamingPH will make the necessary corrections but will not be posting notes about it. However, the article will reflect the updated time and date when it was modified. 

For an article that needs major corrections or an addition of substantive facts that can change the context of the story, an erratum or notice will be posted at the top of the article together with the updated time and date.

For 3rd-Party Guidelines or Copyright Changes

In rare circumstances concerning third-party guidelines or a copyright claim, our Editorial Team will check and verify the report. Should we find the article in question is indeed against the third-party guidelines or our take down policy, we may remove the article without notifying our readers.

GamingPH follows the guidelines of these third-party websites:


GamingPH swiftly responds to any errors spotted and reported by our readers to our social media account, the article’s comment section and even in email. As soon as we read them, the Editorial Team’s person-in-charge will verify the report and make the appropriate changes to the article.