How to Catch Fish in Far Cry 5 for Hard and Easy Mode

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In the middle of your gameplay in Far Cry 5, you were probably wondering how thus the fishing works and how to catch. In the shore of the lake, you’ve probably seen a campsite for fishing, this location can easily spot if you’ve found a tent in a shore together with a small chair. In these area, you’ll also get a Free Fishing rod that you can use it for fishing.

There are variants of fish that you can collect in the game. For easy, you can catch; Rainbow Traut Fish and for the Hard there are PaddleFish, Golden Traut Fish, and etc. Fish that you can catch can also be exchange for money, where most fish in easy mode are exchange for 100 and for hard its 150.

So, how to catch a fish? Let’s separate this into two parts. One for the Easy mode and the other one for the Hard mode.

Easy Mode

Catching a fish in Easy mode is also tricky at first try, at second try or even third try. But doing more practice will make it easy for you to get one.

To catch in Easy mode. First, you have to press the LEFT mouse button to Cast the line. Make sure it’s not so close to you, just enough space for the fish to bait with it.

To bait the fish, you have to press and hold the RIGHT mouse button to Reel the line. This way, fishes will notice your bait and it will go towards it. Once, you see some fish going into the bait and getting closer to it. You have to stop and release the RIGHT mouse button. Then after a split of second, reel the line again for once or twice. The fish should be easily baited with it. Repeat this method until the fish will eat your bait.

Once you see movements on the line or a snap, immediately press the LEFT mouse button, the fish should now be biting your bait and moving towards you.

To get the fish, hold your RIGHT CLICK mouse button and move the mouse direction opposite to the fish movement. If the fish goes to the left, move your mouse to the right. Do this until your fish is very near and you eventually catch the fish.

Here are some clips that may help you get fish in Easy mode.

Hard Mode

For the hard mode, it is the same method with the Easy mode. The only difference is the string of your fishing rod is very easy to cut when the fish is moving.

The technique of catching the hard fish is you need to stop reeling the line or holding the RIGHT CLICK mouse button so that you can give time for the line to turn back to green. When it thus, press and hold the RIGHT CLICK mouse button again and move your mouse opposite to fish direction. When the line turns to red: stop and repeat. Or if the line are stable in green just keep holding until the fish is getting close to you and eventually catch it!

You may also purchase a Fishing rod in Weapon Shop, you can find it under the Ribbon icon.

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