Is the Switch worth it right now to buy?

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Okay this is a really basic thing to ask, but..
Is the Switch worth it right now to buy? Or should I wait for a price drop or something.
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If you asked few weeks earlier, I'd tell you to get it for Zelda, if for anything. But already at this point, there are plenty awesome games !
plenty JRPG's (if that's your thing), WonderBoy, Binding of isaac, Mr. Shifty, Snake pass, old indies like world of goo, Little inferno, Fast Racing RMX, Snipperclips, Mario kart 8 Deluxe, tetris, etc etc.
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If you have any interest in it and have the đź’° get it ASAP.
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I am loving the Zelda, but if you don't love the Zelda like I love the Zelda I'm not sure what else you'd be playing really.
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Shit. I'm about to buy a second one
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You'll be waiting a long time for a price drop its Nintendo's faster selling console to way they dropping the price for ages!
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Nintendo will keep putting it out, and like every other major console there will eventually be plenty on the shelves. Whether it will get a price drop, who knows. But if you wait, you might be able to catch a package deal that will appeal to you.
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