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Call of Juarez Gunslinger Game Review

From the creators of Dead Island comes there other game Call of Juarez Gunslinger that was released in 2013. The game greatest success lies in how smartly it marries the authenticity of its setting with the artifice of the storytelling. The aesthetic is Bound In Blood meets Borderlands, with objects outlined as if illustrated in a dime-store novel. Your brightly attired enemies are the main sources of color in the dusty brown environments, while the violence is pulpy, comic book stuff. When a bullet connects with an enemy there’s a ludicrous splatter of vivid red accompanied by a noisy slurp: Tarantino would undoubtedly approve, as he would of the rambling tales that stitch these [...]

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State of Decay Game Review

A game released in 2013 by Naughty Dog’s, the developer of The Last Of Us is its zombie game State of Decay, it is the systemic, emergent, player-choice-centered zombie game you’ve always had tense nightmares about. As an open-world survival sim that forces you to juggle resources, maintain defenses and morale, venture forth on desperate reconnaissance missions and keep the neighboring zombie population under control, Undead Labs has thrust an unusual amount of agency into our quaking, unprepared hands. Want to pick a new home to replace the old church you and your allies initially hole up in? By all means go and find one, but whether it’s in a defensible position or a convenient [...]

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Max – The Curse Of Brotherhood Game Review

Available exclusively on Microsoft platform XBOX One and Steam, the Microsoft’s game Max – The Curse Of Brotherhood is a cinematic adventure filled with creative physic based puzzles. You will play as Max where you have to confront an evil monster in order to save his little brother Felix.

After recounting a spell from the Internet to disappear his annoying younger brother, Max finds his wish granted by the evil Mustachio, who happens to require a vessel to replace his ageing body. Compelled by guilt, Max follows his sibling into a bizarre world filled with dangerous creatures and perilous ledges.

For the most part, Curse’s platforming is responsive, [...]