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Metal Gear Solid 2 – Sons of Liberty Game Review

The most classic Metal Gear Solid games, the Sons of Liberty begins as it intends to go on, displaying the kind of reliance on cut-scenes that is only rivalled – though certainly not beaten – by its 32bit predecessor. If you didn’t enjoy them in Metal Gear Solid you’re not likely to tolerate them here, either, particularly when their intrusion appears more determined second time around. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate their quality – MGS2 offers some of the most convincing cinematic sequences seen in a videogame before, a reflection of Hideo Kojima’s undeniable flair for capturing action on camera.

When the moment eventually comes, the action is comfortingly [...]

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Corpse Party Game Review

An anime-based game developed by XSEED Games the Corpse Party exclusively available on PSP and PS Vita. Corpse Party begins, as much contemporary horror does, with a familiar bluff: an urban myth told by candlelight that ends with a well-orchestrated false scare. It’s a deceptively playful start to a resolutely dark-hearted adventure, and after ten minutes of tapping X to scroll through yet more dialogue, you realize this game is playing you in more ways than one.

Fortunately, this ghost story is told with real skill, complemented by strong localization. Publisher XSEED sensibly retains the original Japanese setting, characters and voiceovers, with the result that its [...]

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Broken Age Game Review

The Broken Age was developed by Double Fin Productions and was released on Mac, PC, PS Vita, Playstation 4, XBOX One and Mobile handset. Tim Schafer’s first adventure game in 15 years is, in the most literal sense, fan service. Broken Age has been funded by players with fond memories of LucasArts’ golden era and built on the promises made to them in what turned out to be a defining, and record-breaking, Kickstarter campaign. The result is that the first chapter of Broken Age lives up to its title: an anachronistic mix of tradition and innovation that feels somewhat out of step in a post-The Walking Dead world.

But that’s entirely the point. This a game that probably [...]