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Layton Brothers Mystery Room Game Review

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a strange mix, one of Level-5’s trademark cutesy charm and a more brutal world than the team has depicted before, and it doesn’t always feel like a comfortable artistic fit. Rather than bring the charm and whimsy of the Professor Layton series to smartphones and tablets, Level-5 has opted for a noir crime-scene simulator complete with gruesome kills, saxophone solos and heated confrontations with the accused.

Set in Scotland Yard, you take on the role of rookie detective and latest apprentice to one Alfendi Layton, son of the famous Professor. Examining the reconstructed scene of a crime – a timed routine of spinning, zooming and [...]

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Furry Legends Game Review

Furry Legends is originally launch on Nintendo DS via Wii Ware a digital download store of Nintendo and was released in 2011. This is one of the classic side-scrolling platformer game in Wii Ware, level designs are pleasantly intricate and boast the odd decent puzzle, but they feel cramped when shoved onto the Nintendo DS screen, and they tend to come with frame rate issues and endless opportunities to enjoy a cheap death. Worse yet, the control scheme is poorly implemented and prone to glitches: attacks have no force, stopping distance and jumping physics are both miserably unpredictable, and ledges often seem to have low invisible walls stuck in front of them, making simply moving [...]