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Crush3D for 3DS Game Review

The Crush3D for 3DS is a remake of the classic PSP games the Crush, but the 3ds version is a whole new level with lots of improvements and all stylings and storylines remains the same. Crush3D uses the hardware’s USP to make puzzles based around objects in 3D space easier to understand. It’s similar, too, in that its puzzles are the levels themselves, but its major trick lies in how you solve them.

Tap L and the level you’re standing in is ‘crushed’, its 3D geometry flattened into 2D. Distant platforms can be easily reached once you’ve removed that pesky extra axis, and if you move the camera to a top-down view, a crush can render tricky elevation differences moot. The 2D [...]

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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Game Review

On this game a prosecutor was convicted with a criminal offense. A eye witness gives a testimony into a cardboard box over her head and the assistant of the defense has a lie detector gadget emotionally fluctuating during her testimony. Ace Attorney Dual Destinies is an Ace Attorney game that we are waiting for. Ace Attorney Investigations felt like a tribute act, a clumsy misfire even with the promotion of the story’s true star, prosecutor Miles Edge worth. With its sequel denied a localization, many assumed the series had reached its final turnabout.

Dual Destinies still casts you in two roles, however: investigator and defense lawyer. A murder is committed; you [...]