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Eventide 3 – Legacy of Legends Beta Download

Eventide 3 – Legacy of Legends Beta Download

Artifex Mundi is working on a new title and they need your help to improve the game by helping them test their new product The Eventide 3 – Legacy of Legends and answer some few survey questions after you’ve test their game. You can also download the game for FREE from their website.

To join the Beta Test, just do the following 3 step:

1. Download the Game

Click the Download the link below and then save the game to your desktop. Double-click to install it on your computer. This game is currently for PC only. It contains limited content and doesn’t represent the final quality of the game.

2. Play the Game

Double-click the game icon on your desktop (or other saved location) to play the game and have fun! Playtime is 30+ minutes.

3. Take the Survey

The survey will open automatically when you finish playing, but you can also open the survey by clicking the link below.

Survey will take at 10 minutes.

By playing and testing the game, your feedback will help them to improve and design a better game for you. Your feedback is very important, so don’t forget to take the survey after playing the game.


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