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Pokemon Go New Update is Coming this Year for 2017

Pokemon Go New Update is Coming this Year for 2017

Good news to all Pokemon Trainers! A new updates for Pokemon Go is coming this year 2017. Which includes new pokemon’s, new buddy pokemon and some new stats for the mobile game.

New Pokemon’s will be added on this update, Pichu and Togepi – these Pokemon and others, will be arrived very soon, originally this pokemon is from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games. Elusive Ditto is also added on the Pokemon Go, an unique Pokemon that can transform it self into other Pokemon. You can view the quick video of ditto here.See the promotional video below.

Pokemon just added Pokemon buddy, where you can select your favorite pokemon and assigned him as your buddy pokemon that will at your side always. Your buddy will join on your conquest and help you earn more Candy and experience.

Also an update for Pokemon Go since summer, the game already reach a total of 8.7 billion kilometers walk from all Pokemon Trainers around the world – that stats would take a commercial jetliner more than 1,000 year to cover the same distance. And 88 Billion Pokemon are already captured in the game, meaning there are 533 million Pokemon per day.

That’s all for now. You can check out our site for more updates this coming week for Pokemon Go.

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