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Nintendo Switch Branded Micro SD Cards 16GB and 32GB is now Available

Nintendo Switch Branded Micro SD Cards 16GB and 32GB is now Available

Nintendo Switch has recently launch its own Nintendo Switch branded Micro SD Card available in 2 variants the 16GB and 32GB. The internal storage of a standard Nintendo Switch device is just 32GB and if you plan to buy Digital games online, the 32GB internal storage will fill up quickly, so an external storage is essential. But if you love purchasing physical copies, the internal storage isn’t going to be an issue.

Unlike the other handled console like the PS VITA, Sony inforce its exclusive version of memory card which is expensive and you cannot use other alternative storage, while Nintendo opted to use a standard Micro SD Card that are available worldwide and even more cheaper.

Nintendo’s partner Hori an accessory manufacturer in Japan has launch its Nintendo Switch branded Micro SD cards. There will be a Nintendo Switch Logo printed on the top of the cards and classified as class 10 and available in 16GB and 32GB. These Class 10 micro SD card has a read speed of 80MB/s and write speed of 15MB/s and fully support 1080p recording.

You can grab this branded Nintendo Switch Micro SD card from Amazon:

Alternatively you can get other branded cards, which are cheaper and has the same speed that you can use in your Nintendo Switch. We prepared a hand picked list for you from eBay.

We will still wait for 2 months more to see the Nintendo Switch, are you buying the branded Micro SD Card from Nintendo? or you’re up for using other brands? Please let us know on the comment section down below!


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