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HITMAN Released a New Mission – The Landslide Mission

HITMAN Released a New Mission – The Landslide Mission

Just last year HITMAN released 2 additional missions for the game, The Icon Mission and A House Build on Sand Mission, Today January 31, 2017 – IO-interactive revealed its 3rd mission in the game entitled the Landslide mission.

The mission will take Agent 47 to the Sapienza, where your task is to stop a wealthy businessman Marco Abiatti from becoming a mayor of the City. The mission will take place in an event organized by Marco. Checkout the trailer below.

You can now purchase this new DCL on Steam or if you already have a season pass you can download it right away.

HITMAN is also releasing a full season did version of the game. On this release they will also add a new difficulty settings the Professional mode, as well as new gameplay changes and reward perks. See below for the complete list.

  • Enhanced AI behaviour
  • Strict Item Rules
  • Advanced Security Camera Logic
  • Limited Saves
  • Lethal Combat
  • Professional Mastery Rewards

Professional Edition will be available on XBOX One and PlayStation 4.


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