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Smash Cops Game Review

Smash Cops Game Review

Smash Cops a car chasing game you’re like to missed playing in your iOS devices, this game is exclusively available for iPhone and iPad. Smash Cops makes such a dazzling early impression that it’s almost tragic when things start to slide. Long story short: micro-transactions. When your start screen gives players the option to pay to unlock the entirety of the campaign from the off, it should be little surprise when people start to question your approach to balancing progression difficulty. Equally, as soon as you allow players to buy (or, granted, earn through playing certain challenges) a doubly-fast, doubly-durable Super Cop power-up to ease the pains of tricky levels, you start to wonder why the basic cars seem so sluggish and limp in comparison.


Add to that a selection of repeating mission types that struggle to match the freewheeling pleasures of the handling, and you’ve got an acceptable game rising from the foundations of a great one. Hutch has proved it can do amazing things with Apple’s touchscreen but, this time at least.

The Smash Cops App was released in 2012 and available on iOS AppStore ($4.99).

There is a new version of this app the Smash Cops Heat which is both available on Android and iOS.

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