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Shine Runner Game Review

Shine Runner Game Review

From the developer of Hydro Thunder Hurricane the Vector Unit, comes their second successful app the Shine Runner which is available on both Android and iOS. A group of corrupt police are trying to uphold the law due to illegal trading and you have to survive by evading this police by just using a boat in this challenging river side.

That’s perhaps fitting in a game with no opponents aside from the clock, the cash bonus for every completed smuggling run depleting for every second over the limit your journey takes. Trading in hillbilly commodities from crawdads to gator tails and tobacky, you have ten days to make as much profit as you can. Sacks of extra money can be collected along each course, though these amounts pale next to the paydirt you hit when snake oil prices go through the roof at Guns ‘N’ Jugs. Yet the whims of the market are such that your final tally can vary wildly. In our case, two identical buying strategies in consecutive attempts yielded a difference of $100k.


Thankfully the point-to-point rushes, each clocking in at under a minute, are an entertaining means to a capricious end. Vector Unit knows how arcade racing should feel, and keeps things simple – your racer has a lead foot, his boat no brakes, so cornering (via tilts or taps; both fine) is the only concern. It does a neat line in destructible scenery, too, with chicken crates, rafts and even waterside houses all collapsing as you speed through. Police boats, meanwhile, resemble Bo and Duke’s hapless pursuers, their occupants cartwheeling into the drink at the slightest contact.

The impact of impacts is a noticeable drop in performance, though a thoughtful option to lower the resolution makes Shine Runner’s frame-rate more reliable than its unscrupulous wheeler-dealers. Inevitably, such idiosyncrasies – and a disappointing lack of visual variety – mean its 50 seconds of fun pall rather sooner than you’d hope, though there’s enough promise in the central idea to suggest a fleshed-out sequel would be a less risky investment.

Shine Runner was first released in 2012 and available on Android Playstore ($0.99) and iOS AppStore ($0.99). You can also download the FREE version of this game on Android at

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