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Joe Danger Infinity Game Review

Joe Danger Infinity Game Review

Since this follow-up to Joe Danger Touch! isn’t an endless runner, it’s hard to say exactly what the ‘Infinity’ refers to. Perhaps it’s a nod to Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase. Hello Games has applied a charming toy motif to this entry, after all. Each time you boot up the game, the equivalent of pressing start involves tapping your finger on the screen to free your character from an action-figure box. Given the enthusiastic abuse to which many children subject their toys, the theme proves a more genial pairing with the series’ parade of limb-mangling stunt crashes.


Only now you’re not just wrecking a motorcycle, but RC cars, rockets and hoverbikes, all of which convey special abilities in addition to a coin bonus of varying percentages. The army jeep crashes through barrier obstacles. The rocket passes over sticky stretches of track without losing momentum. Regrettably, the price points that unlock the majority of characters and vehicles appear to have been inflated to strong-arm the purchase of additional currency.


Like Joe Danger Touch! before it, Infinity’s sound design borders on abrasive. The announcer’s monster truck rally shouting gets old fast. His insistence on barking “Look out!” every time a red barrier springs from the track proves both grating and comical on one track where five or six barriers emerge in rapid succession. And the soundtrack’s hyperactive Hammond B3 organ and extended jam band freak outs will have you face-checking the mute button. Quibbles aside, the good news is that the frantic swiping and tapping to negotiate track obstacles while squeezing in showboating tricks for extra points remains as ebullient as ever. Sitting down to play five minutes of Infinity and losing an entire evening: that’s the real danger.

Joe Danger Infinity was developed by Hello Games and is available in Steam for PC ($14.99), PlayStore for Android ($1.99) and AppStore for IOS ($1.99).

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