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Daedalic Memoria Game Review

Daedalic Memoria Game Review

Daedalic’s The Whispered World didn’t hint at greatness in the small team’s foray into the point-and-click genre, but ever since it has impressed with each new production, peaking with the unusual and off-kilter Night Of The Rabbit earlier this year. Memoria continues the developer’s obsession with tales set in and revolving around parallel and converging, ethereal worlds, this time largely taking place in a mystical medieval fantasy land (part of the Dark Eye shared universe the studio has established) that should lure in fans of everything from Dragon’s Lair to Grimm fairytales.


Where Memoria manages to excel beyond its predecessors is in its visual storytelling and framing. Narrative delivery and visual style have been weaknesses for Daedalic in the past, and while there’s still some distracting and misjudged voice work here, Memoria is a rich, inviting and atmospheric piece of virtual tourism. A far cry from The Whispered World’s brash and crudely animated aesthetic, it’s much closer in look, feel and liveliness to a classic Revolution Software title. Even as the story limps along on the shoulders of some bland characterisation, Memoria’s world is the best character the studio has produced to date, and one that lingers long in the memory.

It feels like one more step in the right direction for Daedalic, then, and while it’s still in dire need of some truly iconic and unforgettable cast members to define and flesh out its solid handle on the genre, Memoria is another worthwhile investment for both developer and player.

Memoria is available on PC via Steam (

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