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Pokemon Go Next Update Feature PVP Battles and Trading

Pokemon Go Next Update Feature PVP Battles and Trading

The next update for Pokemon Go looks very promising, it will just allow Poke Trainers to trade Pokemon with other trainer and a new PVP that let you fight other trainer even you’re not in the PokeGym. This is according to a rumors that Pokemon Go will have a very big update, which allows confrontations with other players.


The update is scheduled to launched this December 2016 according GamenGuide. This includes the most awaited Battle mode, in which you can fight your monster directly against other player. In addition, you can also now exchange Pokemon with other players in the future. This feature could be a beta for a number of users on its first launching.

Reports also says that Pokemon Go will introduce baby monster that will replace the existing eggs, that you have to hatch in order to get fresh Pokemon. The new baby monster will allow the Pokemon to grow as it progress earning levels.

Recently it is also says that the upcoming update for the Pokemon Go may contain a new set of second generation of monster.

If you don’t have Pokemon Go yet on your Phone, you can download the app for Android at ( on iOS at (

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