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Nintendo Switch Released Date is March 17, 2017

Nintendo Switch Released Date is March 17, 2017

A rumors about release date of Nintendo Switch is now leaked online and it will be in March 17, 2017, that’s according to a tweet by Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games showing the Nintedo Switch Released date and expected titles to be released in Nintendo Switch, among the titles it includes the 3D Mario Game, which is already featured in the Nintendo Switch Trailer, as well as five other games like Mario Rabbids RPG, Splatoon Port, Skyrim and Just Dance 2017.


It also reveals 7 more titles that will be released in the First Six Months of Nintendo Switch. One of it are the Zelda Breath of the Wild that will be released both in Switch and Wii U scheduled in summer. Followed by Telltale’s Guardian of the Galaxy, an adventure around Marvel’s Sci-Fi hero group that will scheduled in March 2017. The other games is Smash Port, Mario Kart 8 Port and Xenoblade Port.

For the rest of the year, we will be expecting Pokemon Stars and Pikmin 4. And a brand new version of Beyond Good and Evil on 2018. For complete list of the leak, see @LaurakBuzz tweet below.

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